Turku is the oldest and the first capital city of Finland. It used to be the most populated city before 1850s. It’s been called as “Suomen persereikä (asshole of Finland)” but it’s very beautiful “persereikä”. The city’s been on fire maybe several times but it had the most damage by the fire which has started on 4 September 1827. The city burned almost completely.

After decades, you still can feel the soul of the city and the people who lived here, if you just listen what the wind brings to you. In Turku’s Castle, only the church part could stood during the fire and the rest was rebuilt. Not so long ago, a medieval city was discovered among the river called Aurajoki, in the middle of the modern city. You can walk inside it, touching the walls. You can go to some buildings which were used as a bank, pharmacy, public toilet or office and have a drink. Yes, these are bars today, you can sit on the banks and desks as if you were really there decades ago. And go up the hill, a village welcomes you. A village, which survived the Great Fire and without rebuilding, it’s been used as an open air museum with the old traditions are still being practised. You can taste traiditonal cooking, see how the carpets are weaved and the books are printed. You can even buy a postcard or souvenir package pressed with a method that was used 200 years ago, sealed like in the past. This museum is the only example with such history in the world and what you experience is so unique and magical.

Such a beautiful asshole.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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